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Experts Doubt Ethical AI Design Will be Broadly Adopted as the Norm Within the Next Decade

By Lee Rainie, Janna Anderson and Emily A. Vogels

Pew Research Center

June 16, 2021

Warren Yoder, longtime director of the Public Policy Center of Mississippi, now an executive coach, responded,

“Widespread adoption of real, consequential ethical systems that go beyond window dressing will not happen without a fundamental change in the ownership structure of big tech. Ethics limit short-term profit opportunities by definition. I don’t believe big tech will make consequential changes unless there is either effective regulation or competition. Current regulators are only beginning to have the analytic tools to meet this challenge. I would like to believe that there are enough new thinkers like Lina Khan (U.S. House Judiciary – antitrust) moving into positions of influence, but the next 12 months will tell us much about what is possible in the near future.”

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